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We are a French firm that offers specialized accounting services, responding to any kind of requirement on the international field.

Specialized accounting and specific requirements distinguish our firm as one of the best options in the market.


We are in charge of calculating payroll, ordinary (weekly, biweekly, fortnight and monthly) and extraordinary according to the necessities of each company, with the aim of determining the payment for each employee derived from a work relationship, likewise, we calculate the local and federal contributions derived from this calculation.

Additional to the payroll calculation, some other are derived, for example:

  • Calculating pink slips and employees settlements, including receipts.
  • Attending and advising everything related to IMSS, INFONAVIT and ISN.
  • Determining contribution basis salary for the effect of IMSS and patronal contributions to INFONAVIT.
  • Presenting to IMSS the affiliate movements of the personnel, as well as the Annual Statement of the Job Risk´s Insurance Premium.
  • Travel expenses stamp and payroll related concepts.
  • Calculating social charges provisions requested by the client.
  • Calculating the annual ISR adjustment of each employee.
  • CFDI payroll reconcilements with the ISR informed by the company


It is worth mentioning that all of our calculations are made based on the Mexican legislation and ethically, seriously and well done.


Among the tax services that we offer, there are:

  • Tax disposition analysis.
    Calculation of monthly and annual taxes.
  • Coordination and execution of tax procedures.
    Checking of the correct compliance of obligations.
  • Expert´s opinions according to the company´s needs.
    Reasoning and advanced prevention of the annual impact of the Tax Reforms.
  • Specific topics training.

Transfer Pricing Studies

Considering the fact that a high percentage of the multinational company´s business are between related parties and due to the high level of scrutiny and transparence that the global fiscal authorities have established, it is very important to maintain an adequate compliance in terms of transfer pricing studies.
Consequently, we understand the companies’ needs to comply with the transfer pricing regulations, the actual global scheme requests to optimize fiscal control and avoiding multinational companies´ risks, therefore, by means of our transfer pricing area, we give advice for the tax payers to comply with such obligations within the legal framework.

Our service:

  • Development of transfer pricing studies (national and foreign)
  • Price determination for operations between related parties
  • Strategies design aimed to the compliance in terms of transfer pricing
  • Comparable determination
  • Determination of the market interest rate for financing between related parties, wether national or foreign
  • Market value determination for lease and/or purchase-sale of immovable property
  • Check of previously elaborated studies
  • Fiscal annexes filling in terms of transfer pricing

Our services include the necessary assessment to perform your intercompany operations in a precise and transparent way, always searching for the compliance and minimizing possible fiscal contingencies
We provide a complete service safeguarding your company´s interests and minimizing the fiscal risk through the analysis of your intercompany operations in a professional and ethic way.
Likewise, we support you in the filling of the annexes and/or declarations emanated from your operations in terms of transfer pricing with both, national and foreign companies in a positive way and result focused.

Due Diligence

(Buisiness Valuation)

We determine the purchase or sale value of a company, based on the agreed formula between the buyers and the sellers, assuring that the company´s value is sustainable.

Increasing the company´s value, this is made with the VOP method (Value Opportunities Profile), where we analyze the main areas that build value to the company.

Once the opportunities that a company has are detected, we work in them to increase the value of that company on a lapse of 18-24 months.

Electronic invoicing

Issuance of standard invoices, special invoices with different supplements, reception payment supplements, withholding retention and payment info, based on the current requirements established by the law.

Back office

(Accounts receivable, accounts payable, treasury)

Bank account procedures in different banks in Mexico, supplier payment requested by the client, payroll payment, social charges, taxes, investments, sending of bank balance sheet and treasury reports.


Issuance of the report according to the “Ley General de Sociedades Mercantiles”


Issuance of the report according to the “Ley General de Sociedades Mercantiles”

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